A Bit Too Cute…

The media this week revealed a campaign by a shady, dark money funded entity to stalk, entrap and film members of the legislature. The stories revealed that this effort was operated and funded by a group with close ties to Senators Huffines, Kolkhorst and Burton.
Staffers on our hall the last two weeks have reported the comings and goings of creepy characters into several of the offices nearby. A number of these offices belong to members closely aligned with Tim Dunn, much like Senators Huffines, Kolkhorst and Burton. The common thread between those senators is consultant Luke Macias, with some assistance by TLR. There were even sightings of mega-lawyer to Dunn, Tony McDonald making appearances about the same time.
This dark money funded operation doing the stalking claims that they are here at the behest of their funders to find members that “campaign one way then act differently” after they are elected.
In the Mike Sullivan weekly call last night, Mike used almost the same verbiage to describe his criticism of the House and Speaker, while praising the actions of the senate. Coincidence? Doubtful.
All the evidence points to a collaboration between Dunn, the senate and this dark money stalker group. The stalker group also claims to certain staffers to have damaging information concerning Senator Fraser. Recent media reports attacked Fraser for his position on certain bills, asserting a conflict of interest. This attack was furthered by Dunn lawyer McDonald through the lobby machinery of Dunn.
We have made it clear on numerous occasions that the attacks being leveled by Dunn operations on the governor and speaker are clearly condoned by Lt. Gov. Patrick, as he has put Dunn and several of his cronies on his “advisory groups”. There is every indication that Patrick is ultimately responsible for and possibly coordinating these attacks on Abbott, Straus and now his own senators and house members.
Patrick has been lost  this entire session except for a few movements of clarity.  It is apparent that he as been doing the bidding of Dunn in repayment of his substantial campaign funding. But now he had gotten too cute and enabled Dunn and his dark money operatives to stalk members of both houses in his drive to get what he and Dunn want at any cost. This will be a defining moment of the session.


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