Another Bad Week

I had to take time to write earlier this week because of all the leads being sent me from my fellow staffers. Tim Dunn’s cronies and lobbyists have been storming the halls working against everything and losing at them all.

Last week it was the budget where Dunn managed to get only 5 of his 19 sheep to follow him and vote against the very lean budget. Oops.

This week he marshaled his forces of threat against the Governor, again, on behalf of Lt. Gov. Patrick, to defeat the Governor’s signature piece of legislation on Pre-K. Only got 18 votes on that one and his “conservatives” voted with D’s to get to that number. Oops.

Then his fellow dark money pal Regent Hall made a run, as requested by Dunn, to get access to confidential student information so he could leak it. The UT Board was able to prevent Hall from interrogating the security company. However, thanks to the help of fellow anti-UT regents Cranberg and Pejovic, Hall will be able to view the documents. But much like a supervised visit for an abusive parent, that will only occur in the presence of Chancellor McRaven. Rest assured, Hall will leak whatever he finds, or wants to make up that he finds, as soon as he gets the viewing. It’s a perfect situation for a serial liar: only he sees the confidential information, makes up the unverifiable contents, then leaks it to his pal’s media outlets. Stay tuned for this one.

As I finish this, one of my reporters is standing over in House State Affairs where Dunn has staked out his lobbyist Mike Sullivan who is catching members and was apparently overheard telling one of Dunn’s disappointment in his vote today. I guess if being a lobbyist means you have to be effective at some level, Dunn’s team definitely doesn’t qualify as lobbyists.

Additionally this week, the Senate rejected the plan backed by Dunn to send the embattled Public Integrity Unit to the Attorney General. This has been yet another major issue backed by Dunn and his cronies, who wanted to move the unit to an office where they had invested millions of dollars to control. But even this Senate can’t be fully purchased by Dunn, and the body took a much more reasoned and appropriate approach to solve this issue. Oops.



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    Robert McVey

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