Character Revealed

As I have posted earlier, the true character of a person comes out eventually and they can no longer keep up the facade to be what they are not.

The last week has proven out that Tim Dunn and his cronies are only in the process for self aggrandizement and ego.

Although Lt. Gov. Patrick made Dunn a part of the establishment class when he put him on his “advisory ” board to protect his state subsidized businesses of for profit charter schools, Dunn has even turned on this statewide official, the only one that pays him any attention other  than the Attorney General. And even that attention cost Dunn a cool $1M to get.

When the senate rolled out their tax plan, Dunn panned it as a bad idea. This forced Patrick, much the same as he had to do on his gun stance, to pivot and come out with another plan, even worse than the earlier one. This too was not supported by Dunn.

Then comes the full court press by Dunn to bust the appointees of the Governor, even sending one of his lawyers, although a very low level, ineffective, freshly licensed one, to testify on his behalf against the appointees. Dunn even summoned disgraced and grand jury investigated Regent Wallace Hall at the last moment to work the senate against the Abbott appointees.  As with the rest of his legislative program, Dunn failed at this challenge to the Governor and the senate overwhelmingly approved the nominees. Thus giving Dunn ( and Patrick, who Dunn and Hall plan to back against Abbott in 3 years) a Heisman of epic and very public proportions.

Close out the week with a public pronouncement by Dunn that he prefers the state stay mired in debt rather than put itself in a healthier fiscal position by paying off the huge debt load currently choking the state and threatening its rating. Financial experts uniformly agree that ridding an entity of budget stifling debt is a fundamental planning tool. Even the policy drones at the Dunn-owned TPPF couldn’t go with Dunn on this one.

There’s no way to know if Dunn is a prodigious spender in his private businesses, as he keeps everything in his life in the shadows. He has expended significant resources to keep the light from shining on his political and lobbying expenditures, so much so that the discussion has turned to the question of what is he hiding that is so bad that he has to spend millions to keep it hidden. It could be that he is a big believer in debt and that his businesses are burdened with so much that he has been forced to join the establishment in Austin to protect his lifestyle through legislative maneuvers. Becoming what his cronies refer to as “rent -seekers” in his quest to protect his shadowy operations. A cursory review of the property tax renditions in his home county quickly reveal that he is not paying anywhere near what he should be. By failing to accurately render his property holdings , he is able to shift the burden onto other taxpayers that fully report their business property holdings.

Dunn finished out the week with the revelation that, Glenn Beck, his cohort in the effort to replace Straus as Speaker, and exhorter of all things Rick Perry and any position Dunn wants him to take, had publicly declared what all suspected: he isn’t a republican. I have noted before that Dunn and his operations have done much to defeat Republicans in prior election cycles and have spent very little, if any, to defeat Democrats. This revelation by Beck is yet another sign that Dunn may stand for something, but Republican governance  is not it.

There will be more revelations as the session moves forward and Dunn and his cronies publicly engage as members of the elite Austin establishment. These actions will show that they have no principles for which they stand, other than those that give their ego a stroke. And that they will continue to turn on those like Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick, who Dunn has supported in the past but is already attacking because they won’t promote his world view, whatever that is on any given day.

It all boils down to character. Every day brings revelations that fun and his cronies are characters, but have none.


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