I did a quick search to confirm what I thought I had seen, or rather not seen, in the last few works from the various “conservative” groups regarding border security. My search confirmed my recollections: not anything from these groups supporting a border security plan that was shepherded through the House last week with overwhelming support. Actually, the only attempt to kill the bill was brought by Reps. Simpson and Stickland. Stickland was obviously fed his remarks by his handlers, Dunn cronies.

Why is a supposed “conservative” like Stickland working to kill a border security bill for Dunn and Mike Sullivan? Sure, he voted for it at the end because he can’t have a vote against border security be on his record next election cycle.

But this is another example of the character of Dunn and the so called “conservative ” groups he owns and controls being ABC–anything but conservative. They exist only for purposes of self-aggrandizement and protection of various state subsidies from which they benefit. Represented by people like Glenn Beck, who recently renounced and abandoned the Republican Party and Mike Sullivan who was a press person for Libertarian Ron Paul, Dunn and his groups were opposed to he border security issue when it came before the House. Arguably one of the most important bills that will be considered this session, as it deals with the daily security of the state and is consistently the top polling issue among Republicans, these “conservative” groups were AWOL in the topic.

Whether it is due to the fact that the House tackled this important issue early while the Senate was dallying with sure-pass gun bills, or whether it is because the data gathering, law enforcement and transparency provisions of the bill concern Dunn and his shadowy operations we may never know. Perhaps their plan is to work to kill it in the senate where Dunn sits on advisory panels for the Lt. Governor.

But one thing is known: when this important policy matter was being considered last week, Dunn and his cronies were working to kill this conservative legislation.


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