What a Difference a Week Makes…

A week ago, Wallace Hall leaked a confidential copy of the Kroll report on admissions practices at the University of Texas to Tim Dunn’s lobbyist, Mike Sullivan. Dunn, having received hundreds of thousands in dark money contributions from Hall, dutifully had Mike Sullivan start spinning the message Dunn and Hall wanted regarding the report. As usual, the version spun on behalf of Hall was incorrect, so bad that even Regent Hall himself wouldn’t comment on it.

Those of my readers who have taken the time to study the now-public report know that it vindicates President Powers and reveals that Hall’s personal vendetta against President Powers and UT is wholly without merit. Furthermore, it was revealed that members of the Board of Regents, including Hall, attempted to exert influence on the admission of underperforming applicants. Some have suggested that it was Hall’s inability to get one of these applicants admitted that started his private war on Powers.

But here is what I find interesting:

In a week since the Kroll report was made public, Dunn and his operation have published, by my count, 220 statements on their various Dunn-owned and operated publications. Over 30 articles, posts, tweets and utterances a day on behalf of their millionaire benefactor, Wallace Hall.

Yet in the 2 weeks since Tim Dunn put out an article referring to women in politics as “whores”, none of his operations, spokesmen, lobbyists, attorneys or buddies like Wallace Hall or Jeff Sanderfer have said, written or posted one word condemning the reference or rebuking Tim Dunn for his organization’s public demeaning of women.

We have brought to light, on numerous occasions, the fact that Dunn and Mike Sullivan seek out opportunities to campaign against female candidates and keep them from serving in office. They have no problem supporting candidates with questionable opinions about women and their role in today’s society.

Just seems to be very interesting that Mike and Dunn have found ample resources to activate their machine to defend dark money donor Hall, but haven’t lifted a finger to back away from their contention that all women in politics are whores. Nor have any of the members that are in Dunn’s pocket publically disputing the assertion by Dunn and Sullivan that women who dare to leave the home and work in politics are whores. I wonder how ladies on their team like JoAnn Fleming, Alice Linahan, Arlene Wolhgemuth, Peggy Venable, and Cathie Adams feel about this?

It’s easy to see why Dunn and Sullian have so many media mouthpieces to spew this kind of cave man mentality. What’s hard to understand is the silence by their friends.


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