On the Job Training

Let’s hope that new Attorney General Ken Paxton’s major fumble on the Travis County gay marriage matter was just a symptom of on the job training and not indicative of his legal acumen. Many of us that voted for him were aware that he had little practical legal experience. But I and others supported him feeling he would overcome this shortcoming by hiring bright legal minds, keeping Abbott folks in the operation, or even heavily relying on Abbott himself.

But his first foray into defending the state laws and constitution was a major fail.
Abbott and his team would have been all over Judge Herman’s ruling as soon as it occurred. Paxton, by waiting ( inexplicably ) to petition the state Supreme Court, gave the LGBT community the opening they needed, they took it, and now the state is mired in controversy over the issuance and use of a legally valid marriage license issued to a gay couple.

Paxton and team then respond, belatedly, with a flurry of filings all over the place, none of which have any effect on the matter at hand.

This would have never happened under Abbott. And probably wouldn’t have happened under the leadership of more moderate, but much more seasoned, Dan Branch.

With the state under constant assault by the federal government, we taxpayers don’t have time to pay for on the job training for our new AG. Paxton needs to step up his game or bring in able lawyers to make up for his deficiencies. Or pick up the phone and ask Abbott.


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