Dunn and His Cronies Win One… Finally

After years of various agencies and courts kicking in the teeth of the Tim Dunn “stellar” legal team, Dunn finally won one round. Everyone reading this by now has read numerous versions of the interpretation of the Denton County ruling vindicating the decision of Dunn lobbyist Mike Sullivan to stop registering as a lobbyist, despite having done so for years and doing the exact same thing now as he did when properly registered. I don’t disagree with Dunn not having to register his various lobbyists with the state. Everybody knows what Mike and his boys do is lobbying and they are easy to track.

The question really is: what is Dunn hiding? Companies and individuals with much more complex operations than Dunn and his state-supported oil company and charter school operations choose to comply with the law and disclose what they are doing. These are folks that could eat Dunn for breakfast, business-wise, and never miss a beat. What is it that is so important for him to hide that he has to pay millions to a subpar law firm to defend an employee that had wasted millions more of his dollars on ineffective lobbying and campaigns? He even had his employee “move” back home to his parents in another county to get into the court of an obviously biased judge to get the desired ruling. Most legal experts expect the judge to be reversed on review, but even so, it gives Dunn a temporary, and rare, victory in his continual search to avoid complying with the laws of the state.

It’s apparent that it is critical to Dunn that he hide the money he is paying his lobby team. Is he also hiding his payments to various members of the legislature? Hiding questionable sources of funding for his operations? Hiding the campaign collaboration between his various units like TPPF and Empower Texans, some of which is illegal under federal law if discovered?

We know it isn’t about free speech, because Dunn and his mouthpieces and operations openly weigh in on everything from tax reform to their belief that women involved in politics are “whores”. Speech doesn’t get much freer than that. Dunn hides behind his supposed Christian beliefs to justify manufacturing and promoting outright lies against those that dare defy him, or just because he doesn’t like them for political, religious or any other reason. Looks like free speech to me.

No, Dunn and Mike are hiding something and really, really, really don’t want anyone to find out what it is. Eventually they will have to disclose this information and then whatever it is will finish them off. They aren’t much of a factor now in Austin anyway. Mike used the announcement of his victory in Denton County to immediately ask people to send him money, a constant theme in all his missives. Perhaps it is of the nature of the Marcus Hiles operations, the disgraced domestic abuser whose disclosure of his activities led to a scramble by Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick to disgorge themselves of his hefty contributions.

One thing in all this is certain: Dunn and his cronies sure don’t want anyone to see what’s behind the curtain. And for a man whose entities all clamor for transparency and disclosure, he sure doesn’t want any light shined on him or his operations.


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