Patrick Picks

For my readers, a few thoughts on Lieutenant Dan’s committee selections:

– Only time will tell if the predictable move of busting nearly all of the Ds was a smart one.

– Kolkhorst got snubbed big time. Patrick put rank amateurs Perry and Campbell at chairs, and totally ignored her. Ouch.

– I think the assignments show that Patrick lacks some confidence in his ability to control the senate.  Otherwise he would not have stacked the committees in such a blatant way that will allow him to get his divisive red meat issues to the floor without the necessity of moving them on the merits.

– If Abbott doesn’t think Patrick is running him in four years, he is poorly advised.  After looking at the what has happened on the rules and how he has structured the committees, I think the actions of the Lt. Gov are not sustainable for more than a session or two.  Patrick will try to ram through his agenda and move on in 2018, or risk trying to stay in the Lt. Gov seat and having the senators find their courage to take the senate back and run him over for the good of their constituents.

– 14 committees will make for overloaded and overworked senators. My guess is that Patrick will be able to run his small agenda through and everything else will logjam, leaving senators unable to pass the bills they need for the folks that hire them every 4 years.

– Why hasn’t Patrick released his “soon to be coming” grassroots committee to offset his insider/establishment private sector committee yet?


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