What a difference one week makes….

Rep. Capriglione certainly knows how to make news. Staring down the NETTP, the most vicious and non-sensical tea party group in the state last week, Rep. Capriglione stated what everyone in Austin knew: Scott Turner isn’t going to be Speaker in January, and shouldn’t be. With his “friends”, Reps. Stickland, Tinderholt, Krause and Zedler standing by and throwing him to the pack, Rep. Capriglione upset the crowd by speaking the truth. Several interesting things came out of this announcement:
–Reps. Stickland and Tinderholt were forced to reveal that they support Rep. Turner and always have. These two have been making the rounds to the Austin lobby for several months professing their support of Straus and his leadership team, trying to coax money out of them. Its hard having to rely entirely on Tim Dunn for their financial well being. Only Hillco bought it and very generously came in as the largest lobby donor to Stickland (let’s see how well the chairmen take that in 2015). Now the lobby knows them for what they are and can save their money and remember being lied to.
–Rep. Krause has shown himself to be an educated gentleman, willing to base his support for Turner on something other than vitriol and fabrication. That is unlike the rabid anti-Straus crowd who can only resort to name-calling and made up “facts” to support their agenda. Speaking of which… Rep. Villalba shouldn’t have, and needn’t have, stooped to the name calling level by referring to Mike Sullivan, Cathie Adams and Alice Linahan as “goons”. Mike is a lobbyist for Tim Dunn with multiple ethics violations and no policy credentials. Cathie will always be remembered as the chair who bankrupted to the Republican Party and is anything but fiscally conservative, and Alice…. Well, Alice just likes attention. And only 3 people listening to the WFAA show knew who these three folks are. No need for rudeness Rep. Villalba.
–Speaking of name calling and fabrication, Tim Dunn had his operations start spewing out a totally baseless reconfiguration of legislative history, that at best can be referred to as procedurally and legislatively incorrect. It was clear that he and his employees at ths various subsidiaries were having a complete and total meltdown.
–Other legislators, surprised that anyone thought there was actually a Speakers race in action, publicly validated the truth spoken by Rep. Capriglione and expressed that Rep. Turner, while a fine man, motivational speaker and former NFL player, would not be elected Speaker in January.

Standby for more weirdness as we roll on towards January. It will be a doozie.


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