Speaker Reports are Interesting Things…

Reports are Interesting Things

From a read of Representative Scott Turner’s speaker campaign report, it appears he has followed the course of numerous other candidates this cycle and is refusing the help of Tim Dunn and the ethical and legal baggage that comes with it. Not to mention the imprint of a long campaign operation that allows Dunn to claim credit for just 3 wins in 22 primary races this cycle. Good choice by Mr. Turner to avoid this group.

The Wallace Hall group, Accountability First, continues its effort to replace Speaker Straus, with its supporters accounting for over 50% of Mr. Turner’s contributions, mainly in the form of a Citation jet. Rep. Turner would do well to avoid those folks as well. Hall is the guy who is receiving plaques from Tim Dunn, being censured by the legislature and a grand jury investigation by the state. Not exactly the type of folks you want to be associated with when you have the clean reputation rightfully enjoyed by Rep. Turner.

But watch for Tim Dunn and Wallace Hall to crank up their attacks on House members in the near future. It has been reported from a recent conversation with chief Dunn lobbyist Mike Sullivan that Dunn and Hall have budgeted $5 million to spend attacking House members in the next 60 days. This is in addition to their attacks on Republican House members in the general election cycle against Democrats and their attacks on the meaningful work of the last session. They have continued to oppose popular infrastructure proposals like Prop 6 on water and Prop 1 on transportation. Everywhere you look, you will find Tim Dunn, Wallace Hall and their operations attacking and tearing down Republican House members. What Republican would want to be associated with this type of group?


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