November Election Day Predictions

What you have all been waiting for…

At the statewide level, all Republicans will win handily. The margin of victory over the D’s will astonishing. A combination of bad candidates, awful campaigns and a miserable mid-term presidency will launch the R’s to new heights.

In Texas legislative seats, Republicans will do very well. Konny Burton should handily win the SD 10 seat. All Texas Republican House incumbents should win, despite the efforts of Battleground Texas, Tim Dunn and Wallace Hall. These groups, perhaps working together, have been dumping mail and email into races opposing Republican candidates. But as with all their combined efforts in the primaries, the voters aren’t listening to their rants.

The bogus endorsement cards of Tim Dunn and his subsidiaries such as Young Conservatives of Texas will appear to have been successful- because they only weighed in on unopposed or sure thing races. Continuing their joint effort to defeat Republicans, they did nothing that actually helps Republicans like helping Republicans in difficult races. No money, block walking, email, mail… NOTHING.

Wallace Hall is getting his money’s worth for his dark money contributions to Tim Dunn- he is being given an award by Dunn in November. Regent Hall can place this on his wall with his little league trophies and other self-affirmations of importance. Perhaps he will hold a space on the same wall to frame his possible indictment? Really? An award ceremony? Are these guys stuck in 7th grade with their manufactured awards to make them feel good about themselves? Hall’s father must be wishing he’d has a more self-assured son to give all that money to.

I expect to see an uptick in the postcards, petitions, emails and robocalls threatening every Texas House member if they don’t support Scott Turner for Speaker. Dunn, Hall, Sanderfer and company will threaten to fund opponents to members if they don’t vote for Rep. Turner. Setting aside for a moment the questionable legality of such a threat, does Rep. Turner want to be backed by those types of people? Hate to mention the reputation of his supporters: multiple ethics violations, dark money operations, potential pending indictments, censure by the Texas House, mishandling of private student information… just to name a few.


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