The Republican Jesse Jackson

Ever the victim, and always seeking a mob he can manipulate, Mike Sullivan has rushed to the front of the crowd to defend Governor Perry in his battle against the indictment handed down by Judge Bert Richardson’s special prosecutor. Much like his Democratic political doppelgänger, Jesse Jackson, he craves political relevancy on behalf of himself, his boys at Agendawise, and his dark money financiers: Tim Dunn, Jeff Sandefer, and Wallace Hall. In this episode, Mike, and his dark money puppeteers, have made both a tone-deaf move and a political miscalculation.

Gov. Perry doesn’t want Mike Sullivan and his recent ethics commission convictions anywhere near him while he battles his own grand jury. There were reports to me in the last few weeks that Mike had been over to talk to prosecutors at the courthouse himself, although it was wasn’t revealed whether his presence was on behalf of Perry’s problems or his own. Who knows if he was just protesting a parking ticket or, more likely, losing another motion in district court by his crack legal team of Nixon, Trainor and McDonald. Just last Friday, that stellar cast of lawyers did lose their frivolous challenge to the record level fine levied against Dunn’s operative, and were thrown out in record time by the judge.

When I went to the courthouse Tuesday afternoon to support Gov. Perry, I didn’t see Mike, or any of his fellow employees. Nor where Tim Dunn’s band of lawyers anywhere to be found; they were certainly not included on Perry’s legal team. I think this bodes well for my governor.

Mike called his people for a rally, but it seems like they didn’t show up. Politicos and press filled the crowd along with Perry supporters. Looks like Mike couldn’t drive his flock—or maybe he and Dunn are leaving them all behind?

Two major leaders of the Tea Party came out against Mike’s accusations on how the legislature handled the Perry veto: JoAnn Fleming and Rep. David Simpson. Perhaps the Tea Party isn’t following or listening to Mike?

While Dunn used his pay-to-play journalism operation at Breitbart to try to pin the Perry indictment on certain House members and Speaker Straus, Rep. Simpson eloquently explained the conservative reality for the demise of an amendment that Dunn and Mike have attempted to conflate with unrelated issues. Dunn’s spokesman conveniently neglected to mention that Dunn is supporting the campaign of Judge Richardson—who appointed the special prosecutor, Michael McCrum, who ultimately indicted Perry. It seems Dunn is as much responsible for this indictment as Lehmberg. Perhaps that is why members aren’t following or listening to Dunn’s sham news site?

Mike and Dunn should be careful. The LORD said “Woe be unto the shepherds that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” They may want to make sure they aren’t forgetting their followers, or bearing false witness to what’s left of them.


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