Kolkhorst in the Hotbox?

Last night, Rep. Brandon Creighton trounced, whipped and defeated former one-time Rep. Steve Toth. Toth was thought to have the election in the bag due to his heavy support from Tim Dunn’s money machine in ultra conservative Montgomery County. He was so certain of victory that he resigned his position as State Representative to run, something he did not need to do.

The election was an overwhelming rejection of the fringe elements that continue to try to take over the GOP: Tim Dunn and his various extremist operations that support extremist candidates like Toth. The outcome was that Creighton, a conservative lieutenant of House Speaker Joe Straus, solidly and completely routed the Dunn candidate.

This is the second time in as many elections that the voters in this District have rejected candidates supported by Dunn. In the other recent runoff election, Dunn’s support proved toxic to Empower Texans’ darling Ted Seago.

So, what is the connection to the upcoming race by Rep. Lois Kolkhorst to replace Senator Hegar? And why should Lois care about last night’s results?

Well, it has been revealed here and other places that Tim Dunn and his lackeys have hand picked Rep. Kolkhorst as their designated candidate. Kolkhorst, reportedly at the insistence of Dunn, hired his usual political strategist, Luke Macias, to run her campaign. Macias was also involved in both the recently failed Seago and Toth campaigns. One of his trademark requirements is that his candidates have to not only oppose anything having to do with Speaker Straus, they have to repudiate any involvement with him whatsoever.

This has already put Rep. Kolkhorst in quite a pickle, seeing as she has been a loyal lieutenant under Straus since 2009. She even helped to topple Speaker Craddick and put Straus into the Speaker’s Chair. Assuming Luke has figured out a way to work around that requirement, how does Kolkhorst feel about having strapped herself to a losing campaign operation that has steadily been on the decline over the last few cycles? And with the SD4 race proving that the Dunn operation to which she has pledged herself can’t win in ultra conservative Montgomery County, how are the more mainstream conservative voters of Senator Hegar’s district going to react to the extremist positions yet to spill forth from the Dunn machine on behalf of Kolkhorst?

Besides being an excellent Representative to her Brenham based district, Kolkhorst is known as quite an athlete. Where she now finds herself is in the baseball equivalent of a hotbox between bases. She’s committed to the sprinting to the next base, but after the SD4 election, she sees that the baseman ahead has the ball. While Coach Dunn is telling her to keep going, something tells me she knows better. The people in the stands are going to have fun watching which way she runs…


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