Dunn’s Legal Team Loses Again

While Tim Dunn’s legal team continues to make missteps and lose rulings, his public relations machine is in high gear attempting to skew what it really happening.

The Quorum Report, reported last Friday that Daniel Greer of AgendaWise and his Tim Dunn hired lawyer, Joe Nixon, lost their defense of their defamation case in which a trial court already found they made claims against a citizen of Canadian, Texas that were “…were false and without foundation.”

When Greer isn’t dispersing single-minded, ideological rhetoric attacking what he calls the “ruling class”, some of my readers may remember that Mike and Tim asked Mr. Greer to take a leave of absence for making gay slurs on his Twitter feed.  Mike Sullivan and Dunn are on the Board of Directors for AgendaWise.

Considering his past transgressions and the current headaches he has caused, I wonder if Daniel is worried that Dunn and Sullivan are not putting their best legal foot forward in supporting him? Surely Daniel saw Joe Nixon’s performance during the two-year investigation in which the Texas Ethics Commission concluded Mike Sullivan was guilty of failing to register as a lobbyist.

At what point do Dunn’s minions begin worrying that he’s not spending enough on quality representation to protect them? That said, if Dunn’s legal team is floundering, his PR machine is in full force…

In a sure sign (and probably the first of many to come) of the impact of the TEC’s record fine against Mike last week, surrogates for Tim Dunn’s PR operations (and reported recipients of his financial largesse) have stepped in to fight on his behalf.

Remember, in it’s ruling the TEC found that Mike:

“…destroyed or lost thousands of emails sent to members of the Legislature during 2010 and 2011, despite having received written requests for such information in 2012…”

In attempting to hide the truth and keep the public’s eye away from these violations, Dunn has had the Home School Coalition file suit against the TEC to spin the same false narratives about free speech, and continue his incongruous fight to block transparency in campaign disclosure. (On a side note: the Texas Tribune, a real—albeit leftist—news organization, discloses its donors in plain view. If Empower Texans is a “bona fide” news organization, why doesn’t it do the same?)

Dunn has since used his contacts at the Wall Street Journal to once again weigh in on non-finance related issues and defend the Home School Coalition’s lawsuit. I really wonder who he bought on the Journal’s Editorial Board.  (My sources tell me that Stephen Moore is a close friend of the Dunn network, but I’m not sure he still has a direct line.)  Just like Watchdog Texas, we are seeing an inordinate amount of editorials that read like they were drafted by Empower Texans staff. Maybe they were??

Look for more of the same as the truth about Dunn, his operations, and actions of his employees come to light. In the meantime, I bet Dunn’s staffers are wishing his legal team was as good as his PR machine.


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