MQS = Chief of Staff?

There was chatter last week from more than a few of my sources that Dan Patrick is very seriously considering asking Mike Sullivan to take over as Chief of Staff after he crushes Van De Putte in the election and takes the helm as Lieutenant Governor.

Why would Patrick consider someone to lead his team who has been fined for violating Texas Ethics laws and could possibly be facing criminal penalties for destroying evidence? Furthermore, how would he continue his Empower Texans gig? And, how would legislators react to interacting inside the capitol with someone who:

“…notified members of the Legislature directly that if they did not vote on pending legislative matters in the manner advocated by Empower Texans and its related entities 80% of the time, the members would not receive the endorsement of Empower Texans and its related entities, and would be subject to a political challenge. “

The word is that Mike Sullivan is actively pursuing the job and is using all the “good will” (read: money) that Tim Dunn has contributed to Patrick’s campaign as leverage to get his foot in the door.

I’m getting conflicting reports on whether this is a done deal. It’s hard for me to imagine that Patrick would hire Mike – someone who had such disdain and disregard for a state agency full of conservative board members charged with holding accountable politicians and lobbyists that he provided:

“…baseless arguments that would destroy the ability of the State of Texas to require public registration of paid lobbyists, while never denying that he was paid to tell legislators how to vote.”

Patrick is an independent thinker and I just can’t see him cowing to Tim Dunn’s wishes, no matter how much money he gives him.

This will be an ongoing theme to watch: whether Patrick forges his own path as Lieutenant Governor, or becomes beholden to Mike’s mouth and Tim’s money.



  1. texasmom says:

    Not sure what the upside would be for Patrick…I think he already has MQS’s posse in his camp.

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