Establishment Texans?

Most of my readers know that one highlight during this time of the Texas political season is mid-year campaign reports that are due this week. After reviewing some of what the big boys raised and the smaller fish received, I’m left wondering when the levy is going to break on Mike and Tim Dunn’s patience with regard to “their” candidates becoming “establishment”.

You see, Mike has been very vocal—at Tim Dunn’s direction—about preaching for candidates they are supporting and how they are not part of any “establishment” politics.

As a reminder, here is the list of candidates that Empower Texans is heavily supporting:

Heck, Mike is even going on a tour around the state as we speak, with other so-called “activists” who are telling folks “what really happens in Austin”. A lot of this revolves around the fact that they hate lobbyists and the undue influence lobbyists have on politicians.

To review, here is just a small sampling of quotes from Empower Texans and their subsidiary Agenda Wise, railing against “establishment” politicians and business interests:

“One simply cannot overstate the importance of conservatives winning in the lieutenant governor and attorney general races. Both Patrick and Paxton have established themselves as consistent champions for liberty. They can be counted on to fight the corruption and cronyism being uncovered in the Texas Legislature.” ~Mike Sullivan

“As we have come to expect, advocates of big-spending corporate-cronyism are rushing to the aid of liberal Republicans.” Mike Sullivan

“Is Patterson, or the rest of the establishment for that matter, loyal to party or to power? After all, they like to accuse conservatives of not being loyal to their party.” ~Daniel Greer

So, who are these corporate cronies? Mike lays it out quite well in his piece called “Countering Conservatives” where he decries the business groups as, “the people who feed from the government trough, and worry that their rent-seeking ways are being revealed.”

And who are these lobby groups? Well, it could mean the entire lobby altogether, but here is a handy little screenshot from the Empower Texans website:

Empower Texans Hated Lobbyists

Screenshot from Mike’s “Countering Conservatives” piece

Empower Texans thinks that these groups are bad for Texas:

As I said, this is the week when candidates like to boast about how much money they raised.  So, are you wondering how Empower Texans’ approved candidates managed to raise a bunch of money without taking contributions from these traditional business and lobby interests?  The answer is: they didn’t.  Some of Tim Dunn’s favorite candidates are taking quite a bit of money from these groups that Mike and Tim have worked very hard to get elected. Let’s take a look.


Dan Patrick raised $511,030.84 from 70 lobbyists or lobby firms. Here are some totals:

Texans for Lawsuit Reform $58,930.84
Association of General Contractors $10,000.00
Texas Association of Builder $10,000.00
Texas Bankers Association $10,000.00
HillCo PAC $4,881.95


Ken Paxton raised around $320,000 from over 50 lobbyists or lobby firms. He took money from:

Texas Association of Realtors $25,000.00
Association of General Contractors $5,000.00
Texas Association of Builders $10,000.00
Texans for Lawsuit Reform $9,000.00
HillCo PAC $1,000.00


Even some of  Empower Texans’ favorite members in the House have taken money from Texans for Lawsuit Reform:

Charles Perry Campaign $25,000.00
Craig Goldman Campaign $1,000.00
David Simpson Campaign $1,000.00
Drew Springer Campaign $1,000.00
Giovanni Capriglione Campaign $1,000.00
James Frank Campaign $1,000.00
Jodie Laubenberg Campaign $1,000.00
Lois Kolkhorst Campaign $2,500.00
Ron Simmons Campaign $1,000.00
Jonathan Stickland $5,000.00

I would love to hear what Mike or any of his other Libertarian minions have to say about these candidates that they have propped up to be so righteous and not part of the “Austin establishment”.

Why hasn’t Daniel Greer, or Tim Dunn, or Mike Sullivan said anything about this?   Have they secretly made deals with these businesses and lobby groups? Have the politicians told them to hush?  Do they really even believe all the hogwash they promote about not being beholden to the “ruling class” or the “establishment”?

Or is it that, just maybe, Tim Dunn and his army of neophytes are going to find out that their “pure” candidates are going to dash their hopes and dreams and probably play ball with the “establishment ruling class” that they so seem to loathe.   I really cannot wait to see the scorecards and the reporting when all of these “Empower” candidates become “Establishment” candidates.



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