Dunn PR Machine Continues to Fixate on Powers

I know it when I see it….

The latest Dunn PR machine put out an article talking about the latest UT leak from Regent Hall. This article is interesting to look at from many facets.

First, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this rant about transparency at the UT System is coming from a group steeped in dark money, including some from Regent Hall. Let’s also recall that this group has been lobbying for years, recently decided not to register any longer, and is subject to ethical investigations from the state, with significant civil and criminal penalties likely for ring leader Mike Sullivan. The possible civil and criminal penalties result from failing to comply with any tiny bit of transparency. And for, frankly, acting nothing at all like the Eagle Scout he claims to be.

Second, let’s move on to what is behind the Richie Rich temper tantrum of Regent Hall. If he found wrongdoing, why not bring it to light? Instead, he has hidden behind years of manipulation pointed at one person: President Bill Powers. Along the lines of his dark money political contributions, he has hidden in the dark on what are likely his true motives: bring down the flagship UT System so that Texas A&M can move to first place. No way you say?

Why not? Hall’s fellow dark money buddy Jeff Sandefer, with the encouragement of his Aggie pal Governor Perry, has been trying for years to turn UT into a technical college after being dismissed from teaching there. Hall isn’t trying to fix anything. He’s worked steadily to destroy something. And why wouldn’t his friend Mike Sullivan help out on it; he’s an Aggie as well (much as I’m sure they’d like to undo whatever influence he had to use to get in there).

Look, everyone bored enough to follow this drama over the last year knows this is about Perry tearing down UT to build up A&M. What hasn’t worked well for him is that Hall had to manufacture some reason to remove a major obstacle to destroying UT: Powers.
And now, supposedly the smoking gun is a trumped up admissions office scandal involving admittance favors?

News flash (and spoiler, where Hall and Perry outsmart themselves): there’s all kinds of folks that try to help kids get into UT, A&M, Tech, Baylor, you name it. Legislators, donors, Regents and (gasp!) even Governors. That’s right: when all the smoke clears that Hall is setting to cover up his real plan, and the Tribune, Chronicle or whoever gets a response to their open record request for the name of every important person that tried to help a kid get into school comes out, it will reveal that legislators are probably the ones that ask the least. Some sitting Regent and the sitting Governor will be at the top of the list of admission interveners. And then what will Hall use for his excuse for the useless trouble he had caused? That his pal Perry didn’t really make the call?

Does anyone else find it odd that UT has apparently gladly relinquished letters of recommendation, while A&M has opined that these are confidential and asked for an AG ruling on whether it is appropriate to release these? And if the AG opined that it is not, had UT, to the glee of Hall and buds, stepped off into it again? And what of Baylor, TCU and other fine institutions? Anyone think it eerily quiet that their admission policies aren’t being drawn and quartered by their Trustees and by Mike Sullivan and his “source”?

Shouldn’t find it a bit odd. This whole thing has been about the systematic dismantling of the UT System to benefit A&M, and the dream Perry has of someday landing a plum retirement job there.

This is another classic Perry arm twisting move. The real question is when Perry pushes hard enough to get the UT President out, will he be gracious enough to let Abbott take the lead on the next chapter at UT? No way…

I know it when I see it, and this is an old play run by new players that are not very good at the game.


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