Category 5 Temper Tantrum Warning

Most of you who follow me are tuned in to the rantings of Tim Dunn and his lackeys, so I won’t bore you with a repost here.  Suffice it to say that as the date for Dunn and his operations to be called to defend their illegal lobbying activities, and their imminent conviction on these ethics charges (some of which carry criminal penalties), they have cranked up their petulant whining to exceed that of my 3 year old on her worst day. 

They also drag in their campaign and lobby buddies over at Texas Right to Life (who register to lobby by the way) to try to get someone, anyone in the public to agree with them, other than the folks they pay on the side through their dark money operations.


– to get attention (see 3 year old reference above)

– try to raise money to dilute the 99.9% single source funding from Tim Dunn

-inaccurately invoke the name of Ted Cruz (who has yet to utter one word supporting their illegal actions)

-distract his followers from the fact that he spent untold millions of dollars in races this spring to defeat Republicans, with very little (less than 10%) success

-to play the pitiful, picked upon grassroots gadfly that shouldn’t have to comply with the law they used to comply with for years and years

What is it that Tim Dunn and his cronies are hiding? What are they afraid of? No one in their right mind would argue that Tim Dunn’s employees aren’t lobbying. It’s right there in the emails received by members, telling the legislators how Dunn and company want them to vote.  Along with the ever present empty threat to bring the weight of their vast 5 person (all male by the way) operation down on any member daring to represent their constituents. Dunn and Sandefer and their employees even tell members NOT to vote their district, and tell them what staffers to hire. 

What’s that all about? What is it about newly rich, paternally propped up oil guys that make them think they own the entire state and all legislators in the Capitol building?

Obviously all these guys: Dunn, Sandefer, Sullivan, Hall, and their band of merry men were all raised in a spoiled, privileged environment where they were allowed to do as they wished, adhere to no rules, and if forced to act as normal members of society, threw major category 5 temper tantrums that worked. Welcome to the grown up world kids. Strap on your big boy pants and bring it to the state. Got news for you: the Texas Ethics Commission isn’t your parents and holding your breath, name calling,\and throwing yourself on the floor won’t work with these serious public servants. As no one in the gang of Dunn has ever lowered themselves to actually sacrifice and serve in public office, lacking the guts to enter the arena, they have no idea what I am talking about.

Soon the Texas Ethics Commission will give them the discipline apparently lacking in their upbringing and ignore their ongoing tantrum, secure in the knowledge they are doing what is best for these spoiled brats.


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