Odds and Ends

Chairman Kolkhorst has sent out her invite for her Austin Club fundraiser for June 23rd.  Ethics reports show she has over $500,000 on hand and no opponent this election cycle.  She must be fundraising for her run for the seat soon to be vacated by Senator Hegar.  Her recent hiring of Luke Macias (who won 2 of 22 races this primary season and has no senate or statewide campaign victories) shows that her transition to the Dunn and Sandefer team is complete. Where is the Austin “establishment” money going to go?  Watch for as many as 6 well-funded candidates in this race, including several from the actual population areas of the district.


Capitol staffers report to me the receipt of a Tim Dunn drafted letter sent out by Rep. Simpson with his musings on the hearings and findings of the House Transparency Committee.  For the Dunn-ites and the Sanderians that crow about transparency, they sure are putting a lot of the Wallace Hall dark money to use trying to convince everyone that House impeachment proceedings (which would theoretically be a perfectly “transparent” public venue for Regent Hall to expose all the supposed “corruption” he’s found at UT) should be avoided at all costs.  In his letter to members, Rep. Simpson conveniently neglected to mention that, according to Watchdog.org, he was part of the abuse of power allegations made by Hall.  Yes, Rep. Simpson wrote to UT attempting to influence the admission decision on an incoming student. What’s that about stones and glass houses?  It actually makes sense that Rep. Simpson wouldn’t want that brought out in impeachment hearings.  Maybe he did draft the letter.


Hope none of my followers missed the priceless video and comments by candidate TJ Fabby denouncing Muslims and Governor Perry.  If you did, I urge you to check it out.  In the video, you’ll get to enjoy the remarks of failed candidate Fabby.  This candidate of questionable background has been heavily supported for several cycles by Dunn/Sandefer operation.  Oh, and let’s not forget the multiple endorsements made of him by the Dr. Steve Hotze and Allen Blakemore pay-for-play endorsement operation.   Do any of those guys ever even meet these candidates?  And if you want more fun,  search YouTube for the stunning speeches given on the campaign trail by Dunn/Sandefer campaign operative Jonathan Stickland.  His rousing commentary and heartfelt embracing of this Fabby character is a memorable performance.


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