Albert Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Now I bet you think you can tell where I’m going on this topic, but bear with me.

The last election cycle let us witness this maxim repeatedly. In 22 races, the Tim Dunn/Jeff Sandefer campaign teams used name-calling and distortions (OK, they were outright lies, but I’ll use distortions) to try to get their puppet candidates elected. In 20 of those races the voters ignored them. This is about the same win rate Luke Macias and his campaign partner, Mike Sullivan have had the last 3 election cycles. I’ve already written plenty about the validity of this versus the version Dunn and Sandefer put out. Their methods do not work where voters are closest to knowing their candidate. But Dunn and Sandefer keep trying with no measurable results.

Expect to see the same thing in the Speaker race, probably starting during the GOP convention. There will be the campaign kickoff, not of Rep. Turner (who has been campaigning since January) but of the Dunn/Sandefer and new Wallace Hall campaign.

Here’s how I predict they will proceed:

Phase 1: Start off with a bogus scorecard or similar Luke Macias-drafted attack piece. Begin haranguing and threatening voters will false attacks.

Phase 2: Publicly roll out support from members and primary winners who are already secretly aligned with Turner, but make it look like a surprise. I’m thinking Representatives like: David Simpson; Matt Schaefer; Matt Krause; Bill Zedler; Jonathan Stickland; Gio Capriglione; Bryan Hughes; Jeff Leach, and a few other unsurprising surprises like Lois Kolkhorst and John Smithee. Republican primary winners like Tony Tinderholt, Matt Rinaldi and Matt Shaheen will probably make announcements too.

Phase 3: Dark money funded “third party” groups (Texas Right to Life, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Eagle Forum, Young Conservatives of Texas, etc.) will lament the miserable condition of the State of Texas, laying the blame for this at the fee of the House leadership team. Throw in some dark money attack mail, TV, and radio.

Phase 4: Continue the haranguing and threatening by predicting that pestilence of biblical proportions will befall the voters and the state if the Dunn/Sandefer/Hall mandate is not followed. Throw in some more dark money attack mail, TV and radio.

Phase 5: Repeat phases 1-4, but bring in pay-to-publish organizations such as Breitbart, Red State, TPPF (again), Wall Street Jounral, etc. to help bring “credibility” to the message.

The result: The same. The voters will reject the personal attack machinery and re-elect the incumbent because he is doing the job well and deserves it. It’s that simple.

See? Insanity.


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