Spin Class

Voters across the state rejected the candidates funded by the dark money operations of Tim Dunn and Jeff Sandefer. In race after race, the legislative cattle of those two men’s operations were led to slaughter.

Voters didn’t appreciate out-of-district dark money operations trying to purchase new players for their legislative team. Stuck at a roster of 15 low-performing members, Dunn and Sandefer can’t find a winning effort at all.

They quickly had their press operation crank into gear to try and spin the run-off election results as a vindication of their multi-million dollar, sole source funded “grassroots” political operation by taking credit for victories in races in which they were bystanders. But in every case where Dunn/Sandefer money was trying to buy off the electorate, whether through Texans for Fiscal Responsibility hidden spending, Empower Texans open spending, Accountability First and Luke Macias’ pitiful performance in campaign operations (0 for all), the pay-to-play slate cards of Empower Texans and Dr. Hotze, and paid legislator block walkers like Representative Stickland, the voters rejected their extremist out-of-district efforts to buy the seat and elected rational, common-sense true Republicans.

Dunn and Sandefer can try to spin last night in their favor all they want, but in the true grassroots races, where people are closest to their elected officials, their dark money efforts were soundly rejected.


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