Diminishing Returns

texas conservative reality

The filing of spending reports always prompt emails from alert readers that give me good leads.  It doesn’t hurt that Mike and the other Tim Dunn/Jeff Sandefer underlings spend a lot of time in Starbucks (that’s fiscal responsibility for you) running their mouths in earshot of my readers.

Empower Texans and Dunn continue to maintain that they are the embodiment of the grassroots movement and Mike pipes out his contrived message, claiming that, thanks to them, their “conservatives” (as defined by MQS, Dunn & Sandefer supported “scorecards”) are taking over the legislature.  Let’s take an objective look at that…

Excluding the corporate dark money operations of Texas for Fiscal Responsibility and Texas Public Policy Foundation, Empower Texans PAC has spent about the following per cycle:

2010: $150,000

2012: $150,000

2014:  over $3,800,000 and counting 

What did that buy Dunn?  Using their own analysis, consider:

Empower Texans/ Dunn’s Scorecard GOP Average:

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