Your Payment is Confirmed

Similar to the familiar statement above that we all receive when we make our online purchases, Tim Dunn has had his operation put out an online statement for Wallace Hall Jr. In his latest post, Mike Sullivan, right on cue, defends the potentially illegal actions of Wallace Hall Jr. as a UT Regent. No doubt this comes as a result of one of Tim Dunn’s myriad enterprises receiving another undisclosed cash infusion from Wallace Hall Jr., or someone like Jeff Sandefer on his behalf.

By the way, this defense of Wallace Hall Jr. has revealed yet another Tim Dunn enterprise: American Spectator. Never having weighed in on Texas higher education matters, or really anything else, this blog has now appeared parroting the writings of Texas Public Policy Foundation, Agenda Wise and Empower Texans. It works like this: one of these Tim Dunn subsidiaries will post some opinion the others will post similar pieces referring back to the original post. This all culminates in the original referring to the final post as verification by a third party. Quite an “echo chamber “Mr. Dunn has bought and controls through his various operations.

It’s really no surprise that Mike Sullivan would defend Wallace Hall Jr. In addition to undisclosed monetary support, which neither Mr. Hall nor Mr. Dunn have refuted, Mr. Dunn and Mike also share a disregard for the rule of law. While under multiple investigations by the Texas Ethics Commission, Mr. Dunn also challenges the very existence and authority of the Commission. Through his multiple “echo chamber“vehicles he loudly proclaims that the laws that apply to everyone else in the state do not apply to him or his lobbyists. Much the same as Wallace Hall Jr.

Your Payment is Confirmed.


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