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Tony McDonald, baby lawyer for Tim Dunn and other undisclosed cronies, wrote about his interpretation of the legal wrangling at the Texas Ethics Commission by Tim Dunn. To review, Tim Dunn’s operations (which are the sole employer of Tony McDonald) are under state investigation for numerous ethics violations. The common theme in all of these complaints is a refusal by Tim Dunn’s operations to even attempt to comply with the disclosure of transparency laws that apply to all 26 million Texans. Ridiculous, I know.

But let’s review a few other issues that illustrate the old “the rules of law and nature don’t apply to us” involving Tim Dunn and his band of merry men:

– Trey Trainor, another baby lawyer of Tim Dunn’s, is reportedly subject to State Bar review for attempting to issue a subpoena in the name of a state agency;
– Joe Nixon, making a fortune off of Tim Dunn, asserts in his lawsuit against a state agency, the Texas Ethics Commission, that it isn’t really a state agency, even though he is suing them as a state agency. Huh? (Go read the file in Judge Spark’s court. Take a peek. Priceless.)
– Mike Sullivan lands Jeff Sandefer and Wallace Hall Jr. as undisclosed corporate donors then spins that these new donors shouldn’t comply with statutes related to disclosure;
– Texas Public Policy Foundation, another Dunn subsidiary, involves itself with campaigns against incumbents by putting out indefensible “policy” gibberish that Dunn’s other operations (2 dark money operations) Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, then uses in a coordinated manner. Interesting interpretations of IRS rules.

I could go on and will as we are given additional information, but you get the drift.

But I must say, it’s interesting reading the insightful legal and political explanations by lawyer McDonald that are based on his vast 18 months of experience as a lawyer and a low-level staffer for a House freshman. Enlightening.


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