Temper Tantrum

So it was announced that Tim Dunn and Company has settled its case with Murphy Turner in San Antonio.

Dunn secured what looks, kinda sorta, like an apology letter from Murphy Turner for using a PAC name similar to the one Tim Dunn uses to dispense his state tax-break substituted largesse to the drones selected by Mr. Dunn, Jeff Sandefer, Monty Bennett, Wallace Hall and the Jones boys in their star chamber in East Austin.

I was curious as to why, all of the sudden, Tim Dunn decided to put a trademark symbol on some of his operations. I say “some”, because he has yet to put this public ownership stamp on his other projects, Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Liberty Institute and the Morrison Report.

I guess this settlement shows why. Dunn wants to be sure he protects the “value” of his various intertwined operations for the 82 people in the state that recognize the names.

As others and I have reported, attending of the San Antonio hearings was quite a spectacle. Dunn was usually lawyered up with 3 or more folks, billing at a cumulative rate of about $2,000 an hour. Usually Nixon and Trainor got poured out; often they were sanctioned. Bored on the last time I drifted down there for a viewing I took the time to look through the file. My attorney friend that went with me figured that Dunn was well into a million dollar legal bill. And that was when I went in January. All that for an apology letter?

And they’re proud to trademark “Texans for Fiscal Responsibility℠”? Really?


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