The Pair Decided to Throw a Party

The Dallas Morning News printed an interesting story recently about the Texans First / Accountability First upcoming meeting that is scheduled for May 1-2 in Dallas.

Here’s a link to the invite.  This Koch Brothers style gathering of moneyed interests to discuss their plans to make the world a better and weirder place comes on the heels of the groups first foray into campaigns.

In classic business-style, the Texans First and Accountability First folks, another Tim Dunn / Jeff Sandefer/ Wallace Hall Jr. production, has vertically integrated the campaign process. Their structure allows them to conveniently shift money between their donors to their campaign operations profit center without having to be very transparent about their various funding mechanisms. While being very efficient operationally, it’s performance was pretty pitiful. Drawing on the talent of, Mike Sullivan, Luke Macias, Amanda Venable and the kids at Agenda Wise, they posted a 3 for 23 win ratio this cycle, despite funding and funneling millions of dollars through their mutual intertwined operations. For the mathematically challenged, that’s a .130 batting average. Hardly the stuff their moneyball-style operation intended to produce.

But thanks to my intrepid followers, there’s a bit of interesting information that came from this Dallas Morning News article. While Texas First and Accountability First is very protective and secretive about their donors, we are learning more about why this is. As my readers know, I’ve posted numerous examples of why Tim Dunn refuses to disclose the donors of his dark money operation at Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Interestingly, none of Tim Dunn’s mouthpieces have ever refuted one of the substantiated theories I have put forth.

One that I never dreamed of was Texans for Lawsuit Reform becoming part of this scheme. After all, “conservative” spokesman Mike Sullivan and his lemmings at Agenda Wise have spent ample bytes attacking this fine organization, which has done more to advance conservative issues than Tim Dunn has ever dreamed of.

But here’s a new wrinkle. The Texans First invite also has link to a video describing the group.

Interestingly, Dick Weekley, of TLR fame, is in the video supporting Texans First. Has TLR gone to the dark side with Tim Dunn? They lost some of their major donors this last year. Is that what is driving Mr. Weekely? Or has TLR joined forces with Texans First, Accountability First,  and Tim Dunn to defeat Republicans? And is this yet another reason Tim Dunn is refusing to disclose his Texans for Fiscal Responsibility donors?

The video raises more questions than it answers. Please watch and send me your comments.


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