8 Days a Week – The last big round of reports show some fireworks.

Well here we go… the home stretch is upon us and the 8-day reports are out. This is the last time for all the spectators to predict and prognosticate.

What have we learned?

Empower Texans is starting to tick someone people off— 

Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aqnIY00uxs.  It seems that this video actually angered Michael Quinn Sullivan. Not surprisingly, he wrote an unusually long, rambling and grammatically incorrect post about it. I do find it a little ironic that I only found out about this attack video because they posted it on their site. http://www.empowertexans.com/features/why-we-fight/ And once again they make totally obnoxious comparisons to them being military and like the NAACP fighting for civil rights. I bet Mr. Sullivan’s grandfather would be ashamed…

Accountability First is Linked to Empower Texans–  

Anyone who thought that Accountability First was operating separately from Empower Texans/ Texans for Fiscal Responsibility had bad Tuesday. The corporate arm of Empower Texans used their unknown pool of corporate dollars to funnel $145,504.86 to Local Voice Solutions for phone banking.



That seems like a lot of money and based on Local Voice Solutions Scope of Services, they don’t appear to be a call center. As promised I have finally put my hands on a copy of the Local Voice Solutions Service Plans and Campaign Services Agreement. It is long but an interesting read.








It is pretty apparent that these guys want to do more than dabble in some local bond elections. And now we know they are working to utilize Empower Texans corporate “dark money”. Scary stuff… 

Don Huffines just might beat Carona—

I’ve been hearing the numbers are all over the place, but Carona may have finally stepped in a fight he can’t win. Empower Texans are neck deep in this race and have started utilizing the Houston-style “Pay-to-Play” model with various DFW conservative slate cards. I would hate to see Empower Texans buy another Senator but it is not looking good for Mr. Carona.

Harvey Hilderbran sneaks up and takes down Glenn Hegar— 

The oil and gas message is finally starting to kill Glenn Hegar. Glenn Hegar is on the record opposing oil and gas production in the Houston Area because the water needed to frack wells takes away water supplies for rice farming. While I applaud the Ag based message that Glenn Hegar is using, that dog doesn’t hunt in Texas. Harvey Hilderbran has run a real campaign and made his way back and forth across the state reminding voters what the largest revenue source is for the State (and it isn’t rice farming). I expect to see Harvey Hilderbran on top next Tuesday.

James Leininger is back in action.— 

I’ve been told he is giving money to Tea Party groups to help promote scorecards in Dallas and Tarrant County. Upon further inspection, James gave $75,000 to Dallas/ Fort Worth Conservative Voters PAC. Based on their endorsement list, I think this is a new arm of Empower Texans.



Stay Tuned


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