Corporate Dollar Criminals

I hate to admit but I look forward to ethics reporting days during campaign season. I have begrudgingly spent most of my day reviewing reports that were posted online today.  Sadly this has nothing to do with my real job so I hope my advertising clients didn’t notice. Instead of simply looking to see how much MORE money Tim Dunn dumped in to Empower Texans/ MQS kids college fund, I had a couple of specifics I was looking for…

Recently my inbox has been blown up with MQS complaining about everyone who doesn’t follow his legislative slate card. I continued to hit delete as usual. Thankfully I pay a little more attention to my text messages. A good friend of mine from the Governor’s office pointed out that our buddies over at Empower Texans/ Texans for Fiscal Responsibility have become a little sloppy with their use of corporate dollars this campaign cycle. Everyone knows that Empower Texans PAC and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility are the same person using 2 separate bank accounts. Well this cycle MQS has given his email list to campaigns to use to promote their own campaign announcements and fundraising. As long as those email lists are the property of Empower Texans PAC and properly reported as a contribution from ET PAC to the campaign on the candidates report, all good. Now this is going to come as a SHOCK but there is NO RECORD of any contribution ANYWHERE. That leads us to believe based on lawsuits, lawsuits and the constant use of said email list for a Texans for Fiscal Responsibility (corporate dollars, not PAC dollars) emails that this list is a corporate asset. This is a big problem and FELONY for 2 reasons…

1.  If TFR (corporate dollars, not PAC dollars) is giving their email lists to campaigns or allowing campaigns to utilize their email lists, that is an improper corporate campaign contribution. I have seen PROOF that candidates are using TFR email lists. All you candidates out there who have used TFR lists, you just received corporate dollars… FELONY!!

2.  TFR (corporate dollars, not PAC dollars) have posted nasty websites, sent scorecards and bought Facebook ads to slam the candidates running against the candidates MQS endorsed and allowed to use their email lists. So… explain to me how one can make a case that independent expenditures are being made in these races using corporate dollars on websites/ ads/ direct mail when coordination clearly occurred to allow them to use the email list??? FELONY!!!

The sad part is MQS/ Tim Dunn do not care about the individuals that are being put in jeopardy by their fast and loose game to buy seats in the Texas House. I guess when you make a deal with the devil… At some point this has to be stopped. Public Integrity Unit where are you???




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