Typo Tony

Tony McDonald, J.D., has worn many hats during his recent rise in the political arena.   As Senior Vice Chairman for the Young Conservatives of Texas (the same group whose antics last fall Attorney General Abbott denounced as “repugnant”), Mr. McDonald became a faithful foot soldier for Empower Texans, using the YCT brand to back Empower Texans approved candidates.  His loyalty landed him a gig serving as chief of staff to Rep. Jonathan Stickland, where he gained notoriety for his bigoted blog postings about bringing back literacy tests for elections.  Now, the self-proclaimed Lutheran mixologist, and new baby lawyer for Michael Quinn Sullivan, EmpowerTexans, AgendaWise et al., has taken it upon himself to be the monitor of campaign content and typos.


In his most recent rant on the Empower Texans site (soon to be rerun on their AgendaWise site), McDonald, like an elementary school teacher who just pulled out the red marker, wrote at considerable length about typos on several campaign websites.  They say it takes one to know one, and sure enough, you can find some errors right in lawyer McDonald’s backyard. 

In this recent AgendaWise post, they couldn’t even get the spelling right in the bold and capitalized text in the title of their post.


Additionally, even closer to home, the campaign banner of former (we are led to believe) boss Rep. Stickland has a major misspelling. Stickland  At how many events was that banner used? Either lawyer McDonald or consultant Luke Macias weren’t doing their best editing the day they printed this. Or perhaps they were.

The EmpowerTexans team seems to have a history of inaccuracies.   From filing ethics reports that needed correcting or misattributing sources.  Even McDonald’s boss, Quinn Sullivan, had to recently send out an email correcting an error in his blog post.

Lawyer McDonald’s attention to detail is apparently not lacking in just the spell check department.  As a legal practitioner, he is running about 0 for 5 in his recent lawsuits against the state.  One has to assume that Tim Dunn, Brent Sandefer and Wallace Hall Jr. could afford a better attorney, if not a grammarian, for their pet projects.  With their combined wealth, they could easily afford an army of lawyers and spelling bee champs. 

Typo Tony already cost his backers a good chunk on failed legal maneuvering. Looks like they may also continue to absorb reprint costs.   If he wants to rid political campaigns of misspelled words, proof reading his own work would be a great start.  


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