MQS Scorecard Satire

Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan didn’t have a very good session. They sent out numerous “scorecard alerts” to the members and did not get their way on any of them. In fact, everything they promoted was shot down by well over a supermajority of the House on each occasion. Congratulations to the members for representing their districts instead of catering to the bombastic threats of the mouthpiece for Tim Dunn and other hidden corporate donors. The members know their districts, and realize that the scorecard system used by Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan is manipulated and fluid, modified at will during campaign season by Michael Quinn Sullivan to achieve his donor’s desired world view months after the session has ended.

And now that his index is out, it is easy to see how out of touch Empower Texans is with the electorate in Texas, using his own numbers. Forget for just a moment that this group issued 400+ vote alerts then culled that down to curve the scores so that the members in constant twitter traffic with Michael Quinn Sullivan would score high. The numbers reflect that Empower Texans has an impact on only 4% of the members, and the other 96% ignore him totally. (Only 7 of the 181 members voted exactly as Tim Dunn wanted) Which also mean that Empower Texans, Michael Quinn Sullivan and Tim Dunn are out of step with 96% of the voters in the state. Nothing to brag about, yet they do. The members know that Empower Texans and company are out of step with the voters and that’s why they fail at their lobby efforts on legislation

The members also know what an analysis reveals: There is no relationship between a high grade on the scorecard issued by Michael Quinn Sullivan on behalf of his hidden corporate donors and the positive outcome of an election. In fact the opposite is true. Members receiving a score of A or B by Michael Quinn Sullivan lost at a rate much higher than those receiving a C last cycle. This shows how out of touch the scorecard is with voters. Only one candidate receiving an A or B on the scorecard won in their contested primaries: James White. And that was due to the huge amounts of money poured into the race by a nemesis of Michael Quinn Sullivan: Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan like to pad their election results by “endorsing” numerous candidates in uncontested races. This makes their “wins” seem higher. But in six contested races, members with an A or B scorecard rating by Empower Texans lost: Sid Miller, Christian, Landtroop, Beck, Berman and Garza. Throw in Hughes and Simpson in their run for speaker, with Empower Texans putting all their effort into those two, and the total gets to eight significant losses for the Michael Quinn Sullivan top ranked members.

Members are also aware that Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan expect total and complete fealty from members. If you don’t toe the line with them 100% of the time, they will turn on you. They are the accomplished practitioners of the “what have you done for me today?” mentality. All anyone has to do is review the hit pieces Michael Quinn Sullivan has put out on Phil King. Representative King has been a fiscal conservative since long before Michael Quinn Sullivan was penning anti-Semitic and racial newsletters for Ron Paul as his press flack. For Michael Quinn Sullivan to attack Rep. King is laughable and shows his desperation to be relevant.

And the recent roll out of report cards in selected member districts is also desperate. An email from a staffer that overheard Michael Quinn Sullivan and his Agenda Wise friends eating at a local BBQ place reports that the mailing universe for these cards is less than 500 per district. Just enough to be a pest and far below any level of effectiveness. Next will come the cheap and ineffective robo calls. These people are very predictable in their playground antics and desperation for attention.

House members don’t need to be concerned about their scores by Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan. They need to be concerned that their constituents, business interests and potential challengers in their district will note any political stunts they pull for fringe groups like Empower Texans. Business groups around the state are taking notice of which members are carrying the water for Michael Quinn Sullivan this session. These groups have tired of watching some members ignore their districts and focus on the weak machinations of Empower Texans and AgendaWise, the chosen mouthpieces for Michael Quinn Sullivan. They are already recruiting candidates- true business conservative candidates- in those districts. This election cycle will pit business candidates against Michael Quinn Sullivan approved members. History will repeat itself and those highly ranked by Michael Quinn Sullivan will lose at astounding rates.

Sell your soul to Michael Quinn Sullivan and his anonymous corporate supporters and you will get the “A+” rating from Empower Texans. And when those corporate donors are revealed, as ultimately they will be, your voters will give you an “F” for selling out.



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