Sullivan’s Sad Summer…

Michael Quinn Sullivan has had a bad bad summer.  Besides getting totally rolled on his position on transportation funding by his own followers on the House floor, he has been spending quite a bit of Tim Dunn’s money in various legal proceedings, all of which he is losing. 

Salem Abraham won again in Travis County, with a finding that Michael Quinn Sullivan and his boys at agenda wise knowingly defamed Mr. Abraham. That’s the second court to so find. Figure Joe Nixon and Trey Trainor racked up 50k in legal fees on that one.

Then the San Antonio court has been handing Nixon/Trainor/ Michael Quinn Sullivan their heads in the suit they filed against MurphyTurner. The dynamic trio has yet to win on any motions down there and are headed to trial where they will lose as well. A little over a year into tat one, and lots of meaningless depos of House members and motions and hearings, so figure that’s cost Mr. Dunn about 400k or so.

Now we have the high drama of Michael Quinn Sullivan vs. the Texas Ethics Commission. Now Nixon/Trainor have been delaying this matter for over a year, but they would have you believe they have been eager to get their day at the commission.  By the way Michael Quinn Sullivan was howling about the procedures at the Commission, you can bet his erstwhile lawyers have told him he’s going to lose.  He’s just trying to make it look like he’s being mistreated. Perhaps if he spent any time complying with the commission rules instead of violating them he wouldn’t be in this place.

The fun thing is that he spent several hundred words in the blogosphere whining about transparency. Really? Really? The basis of the complaints against him is that he and his operations openly flaunt their unwillingness to comply with the transparency requirements that every other entity and person in the political arena comply with. He’s the only one that thinks the law and the rules don’t apply to him. And my friends have sent me plenty of examples of his lobbying and posturing on all kinds of legislation, which I have shared with you here over the last few months. And not one filing by Michael Quinn Sullivan /AgendaWise or any of the boys that work at their converted gas station hideaway on Guadalupe. Not one. Nothing. Zip. Total and complete secrecy on the sources of their corporate funding. And he wants to complain about lack of transparency by the Ethics Commission? Priceless.

And remember folks, when he loses this one, he takes down legislators with him.  Illegal coordination and corporate contributions go against the beneficiaries of that naughtiness as well as the perpetrator. Are you listening Rep. Stickland?

I figure over a year of Nixon/Trainor on this ethics matter to be costing Mr. Dunn another 50k.

Not to mention the 200k we know MQS gets paid just by AgendaWise. Who knows how much he is skimming off the other operations. That’s bumping up on 700k in the last year or so that Mr. Dunn is paying for MQS. That’s on the low side. What kind of pictures does Michael Quinn Sullivan have on Mr. Dunn to make him pay that kind of coin for absolutely nothing? Except a drain on his pocketbook, substantial though it may well be, and there has been substantial damage to his and his family’s reputation.

Speaking of reputation, Michael Quinn Sullivan likes to tout his Eagle Scout credentials, particularly when he is acting the part of the picked on self-annointed guardian of liberty. Any of y’all know any Eagle Scouts? I do, through my father and my husband. They are all very unassuming, self-effacing, stand up gentlemen. They would never crow about being called an “enforcer”, they pay their bills, treat others with respect, and don’t flout the law.

Most of those items are contained in the Boy Scout pledge and teachings. Michael Quinn Sullivan has failed to pay legally owed taxes to the State of Texas, constantly attacks others in a very personal and unChristian manner, wantonly violates the laws and rules of the Texas Ethics Commission, and employs folks that proudly blast disrespectful and hateful comments about others on their social media accounts (yes Daniel and Tony, I’m talking about you) ( oh, and maybe Rep Stickland)?

 Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

I made a call to the Boy Scouts of America to see if they had Michael Quinn Sullivan or any of his hangers on listed as Eagle Scouts. As of COB today, they hadn’t provided me with anything. Just saying…

By the way, before these guys show up with their patches and certificates, know that you can buy both all day long on the Internet for about $15.

To be fair, I will post when I get the call back from Boy Scouts of America.




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