Perry & Dewhurst= 1,000,000 Abortions


I have been a supporter of pro-life issues for, well, my whole life. I have been a Texas Alliance for Life supporter that whole time. The work this group does is amazing and they are very effective at the Capitol.

This summer has been very good to the pro-life movement, thanks mainly to Representative Laubenberg,  Representative Burkett and Senator Hegar. Governor Perry didn’t add this issue to the call until halfway through the first special, and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, as I wrote here before, had ample chance to pass it and fumbled it badly.

This got me to reflecting on these folks that are pro-life and I did some research, just to confirm my memory.

  1. Perry has been governor for 12 years, plus 2 years as Lt. Governor. In all those 12 years he never called a special on stopping abortions, despite having a Republican majority in both houses.
  2. Dewhurst has been Lt. Governor for 12 years. Until this summer, he had never asked Perry to call a special session on stopping abortions, wouldn’t advance our bills during the last regular session, fumbled the first called session, and made a spectacle of the pro-choice folks during the second special.
  3. Michael Quinn Sullivan has been in business basically since 2007, and until last year never raised the life issue. Now you’d think he invented it.

These three proudly proclaim that the good work of Senator Hegar and Representative Laubenberg will shut down abortion clinics in Texas, and I’m all for that.

These three have also loudly proclaimed that there are 80,000 abortions each year in Texas, a fact that chills me.

My reflection was this: in the time that Perry and Dewhurst have served and had the ability to call a special session to stop abortions, one million abortions were performed and babies killed. In the time Michael Quinn Sullivan has been a mouthpiece for Tim Dunn, 540,000 abortions were performed without a peep from him.

So where were they then, and why do they so loudly decry it now? And why are they being lauded for doing now what they had the ability, but apparently not the desire, to do 12 years ago?

Just a thought…



  1. You are spot on. The legislature could have defended this legislation for the last 11 years, strengthen it and given it hope to sustain the speculative change of control of the legislature in the near future. This next election cycle will be interesting to follow……

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