AgendaWise and MQS: Transparency Hypocrites

The kids over at AgendaWise, all acolytes and employees of Michael Quinn Sullivan, produced a piece so contradictory, even for them, that I had to take a break from my summer vacation to bring it to your attention.

This one attacks Chairman Pitts as a transparency hypocrite. Follow along with the boys’ reasoning of your can:

Pitts is a hypocrite because:

-he voted for a bill (opposed by Michael Quinn Sullivan and his AgendaWise lackeys) that would have required transparency in reporting the source of political contributions;


-he wrote an article criticizing Regent Wallace Hall for abusing the power of his office.

There is nothing hypocritical is these positions. Pitts believes, as an overwhelming majority of the legislature does, that the sources of money in the political process should be open and transparent. AgendaWise and Michael Quinn Sullivan fought hard against this bill- twice- and lost in the legislature. But they were able to get their lame duck governor to reward them for their years of fealty by vetoing both bills.

Pitts, as chairman of the Appropriations Committee, is charged with seeing that all state dollars are used effectively and correctly. Regent Hall has been roundly criticized even by fellow regents in addition to the House and Senate, for his micromanagement and improper meddling in the operations of the University of Texas. He is even now on the verge of being subjected to impeachment by the House for his activities. And his actions have cost UT hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional employee cost and lost support of alumni. The interest of Chairman Pitts in this behavior is entirely appropriate.

Hardly anything even resembling transparency hypocrisy in the actions of Chairman Pitts.

The true and undeniable hypocrisy lies in the actions of the accusers: AgendaWise and Michael Quinn Sullivan. These groups used every device and called in every chit at their disposal to cajole the Governor into vetoing the bills that would have required public disclosure of political contributions.

This from a group of fellows who state that transparency is their fundamental purpose. Repeatedly. And they use the transparency mantle to raise money to pay for their new trucks and their 6 figure salaries. But they won’t submit to transparency themselves.

Many of my followers kept us up to date on the lobby activities of these guys during the session and I passed it along. And none of the issues that were presented by me were ever refuted or even challenged by AgendaWise, Michael Quinn Sullivan or the corporate cronies he partners with.

In this case, we can assume that Regent Hall has found a way to line the pockets of AgendaWise and Michael Quinn Sullivan to purchase this hit piece on Chairman Pitts. Never before have these groups defended a sitting regent, and all of the sudden they pop up with an article and use tortured logic to try to allege transparency blocking by a highly- respected member searching for- – – transparency. Only in the operations of AgendaWise and Michael Quinn Sullivan could such an absurd position be put forth.

Because AgendaWise and Michael Quinn Sullivan refuse to disclose the source of their funding, and their extensive corporate contributions, there is no way to verify in filings how much they are receiving to attack Pitts and defend Hall. But their actions will have to speak for them until they begin letting the light shine on their shady operations.

By the way, every dollar raised or spent by Pitts is filed in reports at the Ethics Commission for all to see.


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