I have been trying to sit out this session but…

It was brought to my attention that Empower Texans continues its methodology of bully tactics against Texas House members in an effort to intimidate when their feeble advocacy arguments fail. In one of my previous posts I exposed that Empower Texans and its media spokesperson Michael Quinn Sullivan served deposition notices on 2 Texas House Members that it tried to defeat in the 2012 Republican primaries. Now, Empower Texans and Michael Quinn Sullivan, with legal advice from the same lawyers, Joe Nixon and Tray Trainor of Beirne, Maynard & Parsons, that served the deposition notices, is placing robo calls into the districts of conservative Republican members impugning their integrity and challenging their position on transparency.  Additionally, the media subsidiary of Empower Texans, Agenda Wise, has performed their usual function of parroting the Empower Texans attack on Republicans.

While it is disturbing enough that these groups would lower themselves even further than their already lowly position in politics to make such accusations, it is even more troubling coming from a group cloaked in secrecy. Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan have steadfastly refused to reveal their corporate donors despite spending tens of thousands of dollars in questionable contributions to defeat Republicans, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay its main lobbyist and spokesman, Michael Quinn Sullivan to defeat Republicans. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be determined who is funding these entities. All one has to do is study their public positions. As usual, they weighed in to protect their secret donors…

The Public Utility Commission Sunset bill was considered by the House last week. Despite never once having mentioned anything about this topic in their numerous postings, Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan bullied in at the 11th hour with their support of significantly reducing the enforcement authority of the PUC. No valid reason was espoused for this newfound interest in electricity generation, and the basis of their position was shallow, to be generous. The only potential beneficiary of their position was the large electricity generators, who would be free to abuse their customers, endanger the integrity of the electric grid and increase their profit by doing so. It appears from this interesting position that Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan are now being funded by some of the power generators to take this position. Interestingly, one of the attorneys for Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan has also been registered as a lobbyist for Constellation Energy. Because Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan refuse to be transparent in their operations, it is left to speculation as to their funding structure. It has been rumored for a number of years that Constellation is one of the sources of corporate money taken by these entities.

The latest round of robocalls by Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan attacking and impugning the integrity of House Republicans, also asks call recipients to contact Empower Texans or Michael Quinn Sullivan about any improper contract issues that the call recipient is aware of involving the House member. Elected officials already file extensive disclosure reports on their income sources and business relationships. This is in stark contrast to Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan who disclose no information about their income and donation sources and their business relationships. So here is the request– 


Michael Quinn Sullivan

Daniel Greer

Dustin Matocha

Weston Hicks

Empower Texans

Agenda Wise

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

These individuals claim they do not lobby and that they are members of the press. So Members, staffers, lobbyists let me know if any of these individuals contact you in opposition or support of legislation. If you see them out in public, let me know who they are meeting with and what you hear them discuss. If you know anything about their income sources or business relationships, send it to me. If you happen to know of any information that would shed light on who is funding these individuals, what “press” stories they are working on or even where they like to hang out and with whom, let me know. I will post the information forwarded to me for the followers of this blog to see, and perhaps together we can bring the transparency to these individuals and the entities they operate that they refuse to provide on their own. Feel free to email me at  txconsreality@hushmail.com or @txconsreality.

Whether or not Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan are shilling for special interests in a pay to play, lobby cronyism setup masquerading as a grassroots operation is unknown – mostly because of their complete lack of transparency in their corporate and individual funding sources that are lining their pockets in six figure amounts. But the amount of smoke they are blowing against commonsense legislation supported by the vast majority of voters might rightly cause legislators to suspect there are some ethical fires burning there.

I look forward to hearing from you soon…



  1. It’s T-r-e-y T-r-a-i-n-o-r. And he is a troll. Keep shining a light on all this because it does not pass the stink test. House Members lining up with this libertarian gang need to be reviewed as well because the stink it not probably just limited to those you list. And you forgot that people need to report about Tim Dunn – the big buck religious nut from Midland who is funding MQS. People may know if he has ties to Constellation Energy.

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