Moneybags Sullivan= TAX CHEAT

Michael Quinn Sullivan, best known as the mouth piece for Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, appears to not be practicing what he preaches. In my quest to unveil the truth about the external influences in Texas politics, I have uncovered some startling information.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Mr. Sullivan is known to have numerous shell operations that he uses to bully elected officials in Texas. One of the more obscure groups, “Fix the Facts” has gone into tax forfeiture for failing to satisfty its franchise tax requirements. This failure led to the forfeiture of its charter by the Secretary of State. Even more disturbing when examining this issue is that MQS, face of frugality paid himself more than $264,000 from Empower Texans and Fix the Facts.  Daniel Greer is also bank rolling from Fix the Facts with an income of $50,136 in 2010. There is no telling how much these guys are paying themselves from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

Both of the groups obviously have Tim Dunn pulling the strings as illustrated by company ownership on their 2010 returns. The returns also confirm that undisclosed corporate dollars are being run through these companies to fund his political projects. Fix the Facts and Empower Texans show contributions of $1,047,430 with $517,417 of non salaried campaign expenses. 

I can’t wait to hear MQS explain this…



  1. […] However, in their postings, Empower Texans, Agenda Wise and Michael Quinn Sullivan take no issue with entities that create the highest tax load on taxpayers: special districts. (They also take no issue with taxpayers failing to pay owed taxes, as evidenced by their failure to … […]

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