NEW HIRE… David Simpson??


Representative David Simpson has been calling around to Representative Elects since last week telling them to “keep your powder dry”, a theme from his election night calls on behalf of Speaker Candidate Bryan Hughes. Apparently he left out that he wanted them to keep their powder dry for him. Rep. Simpson recently had dinner with the far left liberal Representative Trey Martinez Fisher, then had his official interview this past weekend with We the People (Joann Fleming is not and never has been a fan of Hughes). It appears to have convinced Rep. Simpson that it was time for him to run against Joe Straus for Speaker. He is telling members that he has the support of the D’s and can get enough freshmen R’s, with Hughes, Zedler and Phil King bringing along enough veteran members to get him to 76. He bragged about his 14 Republican “pledges” at his fundraiser tonight.

All observers last session understand and acknowledge that Rep. Simpson left Austin having insulted and been disrespectful to the entire chamber, most notably to Speaker Craddick and Houston Rep. Senfronia Thompson. Whether a member agrees or disagrees with the politics of these two folks, they are the most senior members of the House and have served with distinction for over 4 decades and served their state and their districts well. Not a very good way to cement support from the voters- 149 House members- that a Speaker candidate must have.

So where does Rep. Simpson get the votes? He has to get all the D’s and round up 21 R’s. The letter Rep. Simpson sent some time back supporting the D’s on their redistricting plan reveals his perceived path to victory, sealed by his dinner with liberal tyrant Rep. Martinez Fisher last week.

Long time fence walker Bill Miller commented about Rep. Simpson’s retreat with a small number of the freshmen. He mentioned that Rep. Simpson was working on learning how to play well with others in the House and show that he could be a serious member. It is rumored that Miller is lending his credible and substantial knowledge of the process to Rep. Simpson to aid him in this run. Rep. Laubenberg had a fundraiser tonight with Rep. Simpson in Austin. It is known that she is very close to Rep King, Paxton, Hughes and other conservative members. While the obvious fall off in participants at her joint event with Simpson tonight didn’t hurt her campaign account ( at last report she had $309k In her account), and Rep. Simpson is independently wealthy thanks to his father’s businesses, her association with a Speaker candidate that is actively supporting the D’s on creating more D seats in redistricting next session could damage her with the grassroots she is so strongly aligned with.

Rep. Simpson is not a serious member or a contender for Speaker. He uses his seat to draw attention to himself and to the marginal causes he embraces. But who is he willing to damage in his quest for the his 15 minutes of fame? The answer: anyone.




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