HELP WANTED: Bryan Hughes Replacement

Joanne Fleming, of We the People  and Co Chair of the tea party legislative caucus that Representative Phil King and Senator Dan Patrick started in fear of the tea party folks last session and then promptly (wisely) abandoned, has appointed herself the arbiter of all things Speaker-like in the Texas House.
While continuing to put out inaccurate observations of all things political in the echo chamber (not to be outdone by her friends Michael Quinn Sullivan and Alice Linahan), she is determined to gather the massive influence of her group of 100 folks and merge it with the overwhelming force of the other tea party groups and their almost 100 members across the state and hold an interview process for speaker candidates. Image
After the application process closed last week, they will now apparently interview any House member that can draw a breath and wants to get some tea party attention and crown this member as their candidate for Speaker this session.
Apparently the campaign efforts of Representative Brian Hughes who has been running for the post since May 29 has failed to capture the heart and soul of the tea party activists that dream of relevance. What’s wrong with these groups backing Hughes?
Social Conservative? Yes
Well liked? Yes
Pro business? Pretty much
Crazy? No
Sadly, this excludes him from getting their support and sends them on this journey to find a new champion of their marginal issues
Stand by to see who emerges this week to get the support of this group…


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