Deposing New Members???

To say I am concerned by the state of affairs inside the Republican Party is an understatement. Sadly, I have endured that last 3.8 years with the mantra “it’s not like that in Texas”. It appears I was wrong. One of the practices I hold dear is my ability to vote. Once a candidate is elected I expect them to have the respect that the office deserves. That is why I was so flabbergasted that Michael Quinn Sullivan- clut leader of several quasi-conservative shell operations in Texas was DEPOSING candidates, newly elected members and their spouses because their political consultant? I have attached the depo notices so you can see for yourself…depo notices

This situation becomes even MORE confusing when we learn that the attorneys representing these characters who are trying to DEPOSE new members are made up of Joe Nixon (defeated State Rep.) and Trey Trainor… a  REGISTERED LOBBYIST!! Trey Trainor is currently listed to represent several clients before the Texas Legislature. Let’s hope Constellation Energy Group, Exelon Corporation or Texas Optometric Association Inc. doesn’t need any help from Cecil Bell, Ken King or Chris Paddie this coming session. Sources close to Trey Trainor say that Rep Elect Greg Bonnen, Representative Linda Harper Brown, Representative Cindy Burkett, Representative JM Lozano, and Speaker Joe Straus will be receiving deposition notices in the next 10 days. Very interesting lobby strategy…

To make this story a little more twisted, the attorneys deposing new members in a he said/ she said lawsuit are also working to defend the use of undisclosed corporate money given to Michael Quinn Sullivan and Empower Texas in House races. It looks like Trainor and Nixon are defending this practice because their corporate clients such as Exelon, Constellation and other clients of Beirne Maynard & Parsons (that they don’t disclose) are currently giving corporate money to Sullivan. Why would these companies be a party to deposing new members and funding opposition to not only numerous incumbents, but Speaker Straus as well? It’s not hard to see why Trainor and Nixon won’t disclose their clients and why their clients don’t want their contributions to Michael Quinn Sullivan disclosed. Just a guess… BAD lobby strategy?

According to an interesting article by Sam Hurd, the Chickasaw tribe from Oklahoma has been confirmed as one of  Michael Quinn Sullivan’s corporate donors. This tribe bought the Dallas horse racetrack and has been opposed to the expansion of gaming opportunities in Texas. Michael Quinn Sullivan’s tie to gambling is furthered through his friends at Americans for Prosperity and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform- Penn Gaming. Penn is the new money bags partner of the Hurwitz family in Houston (San Houston Race Park), according to the Texas Racing Commission, and provides BIG corporate dollars to AFP and ATR.

Are Penn Gaming and the Hurwitz corporate operations also contributors to Sullivan and his lawsuit attack on new members as well as his attacks against incumbent members? How many other corporate clients does Trainor and Nixon have that are complicit in their attack on legislators? It is a matter of time before more of these parties are revealed.

Stay tuned.


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